14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (2024)

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations for travelers in Europe thanks to its excellent museums, a picturesque network of canals, and world-class coffee shops.

However, no sightseeing trip to the Dutch capital is complete without a good breakfast, so I’ve put together this guide on the best breakfast places in Amsterdam to help you start the day right!

I’ve used my own experience from my many trips to the city as well as reviews and extensive research to bring you the best breakfast in Amsterdam (and brunch too in case you’re not an early bird).

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Are you planning a last-minute trip to Amsterdam?

If your trip is coming up soon and you still haven’t booked anything, we have you covered! Below you can find our top picks when it comes to hotels, tours, getting around, and more.

Best Tours and Experiences in Amsterdam

  • (top-rated canal cruise)
  • Life of Anne Frank and World War II Walking Tour
  • (most popular day trip)
  • Van Gogh Museum Ticket (sells out really fast so make sure to grab them as soon as possible)
  • Heineken Experience (must-have tour for beer lovers)

Best Places to Stay in Amsterdam

  • Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht (best hotel in Amsterdam with canal views)
  • W Amsterdam (amazing 5-star hotel with a stunning rooftop pool)
  • De L’Europe Amsterdam (best luxury hotel in Amsterdam)
  • Linden Hotel (amazing mid-range option in Jordaan)
  • Singel Hotel Amsterdam (great budget pick in the city center)

Looking for the best way to get around Amsterdam? Make sure to buy a GVB Public Transport Ticket. Even if you only use public transport a few times, it’s already worth it!

Planning to visit a handful of attractions? You can save a lot of money by purchasing the I Amsterdam City Card. It includes free entry to more than 70 attractions, unlimited access to public transport, and a free canal cruise!

Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam

Below you’ll find 14 of the best breakfast spots in Amsterdam serving up everything from eggciting eggs to pancakes, croissants, cooked breakfasts, and more. Oh, and coffee too. Let’s definitely not forget about the coffee!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover Amsterdam’s best breakfasts.

1. Bakers & Roasters

Location on Google Maps: Bakers & Roasters Centrum | Bakers & Roasters De Pijp
Website: https://bakersandroasters.com/
Instagram: @bakersandroasters

If you’re looking for a truly international breakfast, then Bakers and Roasters is for you. This is by far one of the best breakfast places in Amsterdam and labels itself as “a New Zealand-style cafe served with a heavy dose of Brazil”.

B&R, as it’s colloquially known, is run by a Kiwi (New Zealander) and a Brazillian who share a passion for coffee, street food, and using the freshest ingredients in whatever they do.

You’ll find a wide selection of brunch dishes from the Kiwi Brekkie (a bit like a full English) to more exotic specialties like the chorizo breakfast burrito (yum!) and American pancakes.

Everything is prepared in the open-plan kitchen and made in-house using ingredients from local farms, bakers, and smokehouses.

There are plenty of vegetarian options too, and light and healthy breakfasts from fruit bowls and granola to yogurt. B&R’s coffee is always served as doubles, and there are fresh fruit juices, lemonades, and other drinks available.

This isn’t the cheapest brunch spot in Amsterdam, but in terms of atmosphere, quality, and service, it is worth every penny.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (1)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (2)

2. Coffee & Coconuts

Location on Google Maps: Coffee and Coconuts De Pijp | Coffee and Coconuts Zuidas
Website: https://www.coffeeandcoconuts.com/
Instagram: @coffeecoconuts

Laid-back Coffee and Coconuts describes itself as “a little island of rest in a sea of busy”, and it’s definitely a great place to take time out and enjoy one of their amazing breakfasts in cozy surroundings.

The cafe in De Pijp is located inside a former cinema and exudes charm and understated sophistication. They’ve also recently opened a branch in Zuidas, in case you find yourself in the business district.

The breakfast menu is served all day from 8 am and has a wide range of European dishes from fresh croissants, eggs, and pancakes to healthy options like the blueberry smoothie bowl or green coconut bowl.

If you had a few too many drinks the night before, banish that hangover with their zingy Bloody Mary (it works, I promise)!

If that’s a little too much at this hour, you’ll be pleased to know there is an extensive coffee menu (with coconut and oat milk options), teas, coconut-based drinks (well of course), and freshly made juices and lemonades.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (3)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (4)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (5)

3. Greenwoods

Location on Google Maps: Greenwoods Keizersgracht | Greenwoods Singel
Website: https://greenwoods.eu/
Instagram: @greenwoods.amsterdam

Greenwoods is something of an institution and one of the best brunch spots in Amsterdam. These fine folks have been serving up breakfasts and brunches to hungry mouths since 1988, and it remains one of the most popular hangouts in the city!

Come here for classics like the full English, eggs benedict, vegetarian breakfasts, muffins, and a whole lot more.

Greenwoods is usually my go-to for a good breakfast in Amsterdam, as the quality of the food, lively atmosphere, and excellent service are hard to beat.

The restaurant is also committed to becoming carbon neutral and only uses locally sourced products, recyclable plastic, and paper, and avoids anything that is detrimental to the environment.

There are two locations across the city, one at Singel, close to the flower market, and the other at Keizergracht.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (6)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (7)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (8)

4. The Avocado Show

Location on Google Maps: The Avocado Show Keizergracht | The Avocado Show Kleine Gartman
Website: https://www.theavocadoshow.com/
Instagram: @theavocadoshow

If you’re looking for a healthy and filling breakfast, then look no further than The Avocado Show, which started life in De Pijp and has since expanded to include restaurants in London’s Covent Garden and Mayfair, Stuttgart.

They have two cafes in Amsterdam, one in Keizergracht and another in Kleine Gartman. The menu focuses on, you guessed it, avocado, be it sweet, savory, sour, or anything in between.

The mouthwatering Benny Boy is made with two packed eggs, mixed greens, and hollandaise sauce, topped off with avocado.

Or how about the Sinner Stack, a stack of fresh pancakes smothered in maple syrup and finished with sliced avocado, banana, and bacon?

Each meal offers a unique mix of classic dishes paired with avocado, so if you’re a fan of green, mushy goodness, then you’re in for a real treat.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (9)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (10)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (11)

5. PANCAKES Amsterdam

Location on Google Maps: PANCAKES Amsterdam Central (they also have four other locations)
Website: https://pancakes.amsterdam/
Instagram: @pancakesamsterdam

There’s no denying that pancakes are one of the best breakfasts out there, and one of the best breakfasts in Amsterdam too! If you’re looking to get your fill of these awesome treats, then PANCAKES Amsterdam is where it’s at.

You’ll be sure to find the “best Dutch pancakes in the world” whether you want sweet or savory, gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan.

Choose from savory creations such as ham and cheese, goat cheese and spinach, or bacon and apple. Sweet pancakes include lemon sugar, chocolate and almonds, or chocolate sauce with coconut flakes (simply sublime).

There are five locations across the city, including on 9 Streets, one by the central railway station, and one next to the Anne Frank House. So no matter where you are, you’ll be able to get your fix of traditional Dutch pancakes.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (12)

6. Mortimer

Location on Google Maps: Mortimer
Website: https://mortimeramsterdam.com/
Instagram: @mortimeramsterdam

Another contender for the best brunch in Amsterdam is Mortimer located in the center of the city halfway between the station and Dam Square.

This brunch and breakfast behemoth is well-known for its excellent coffee, sumptuously cooked breakfasts, and fresh, American-style pastries.

Mortimer sources all of its food from local organic suppliers and offers dishes from a full English to croissants, eggs in whichever way you like them, and lighter/healthier options such as the tasty fruit bowl or granola and yogurt.

Enjoy your breakfast in cozy surroundings just a short walk from many of the city’s top attractions. There is indoor and outdoor seating, the latter perfect for warm summer mornings.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (13)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (14)

7. Dignita

Location on Google Maps: Dignita Vondelpark | Dignita Hoftuin | Dignita Westerpark
Website: https://eatwelldogood.nl/en/
Instagram: @dignitaamsterdam

I’m a big fan of the all-day brunch, and that’s why Dignita is one of my favorite places in Amsterdam when I’m hungry as they have some of the best brunch and breakfast dishes in the city.

With locations at Vondelpark, Hoftuin, and Westerpark you won’t have to go far to find the perfect morning (or afternoon) snack.

Dignita has been serving up some of the best coffee and breakfasts in Amsterdam since 2015 and focuses on seasonal foods using the freshest ingredients. You’ll find plenty of brunch classics but with a modern twist.

Enjoy a breakfast brioche or the Benny Boy poached eggs, pancakes, or a delicious and healthy fruit bowl. The chocolate & raspberry pancake stack is seriously to die for!

The awesome selection of homemade cakes will leave your mouth watering and go perfectly with a coffee, or if you’re feeling cheeky, you can opt for a co*cktail (I promise I won’t tell).

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (15)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (16)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (17)

8. Omelegg

Location on Google Maps: Omelegg City Center | Omelegg De Pijp
Website: https://omelegg.com/
Instagram: @omelegg

The fine folks at Omlegg really know how to make an eggcelent omelet (do you see what I did there?) and this is hands down one of the best breakfast places in Amsterdam thanks to the huge selection on offer.

Choose from a massive menu of omelets of all shapes and sizes from traditional farmhouse to pulled chicken, gorgonzola bacon, and my personal favorite, the Viking Fisherman with salmon chives and creme fraiche.

Omelegg has been serving happy customers for over ten years and has restaurants in both in the city center close to the train station, and in the hip De Pijp district. Inside each, you’ll find a homely place with wooden floors and beams and a warm welcome.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (18)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (19)

9. Rainbowls Amsterdam

Location on Google Maps: Rainbowls Amsterdam
Instagram: @rainbowls.amsterdam

If you’re looking for a super-heathy (and colorful) breakfast in Amsterdam, then head along to Rainbowls for a selection of healthy and delicious smoothie bowls, açai bowls, porridge, health shots, coffee, and more.

The menu is plant-based so this is a great option for vegetarians and vegans (and perhaps if you’ve eaten one too many stroopwafels). You’ll also find soups, smoothies, and of course plenty of coffee on offer too.

Rainbowls is located just around the corner from Bakers and Roasters and a five-minute walk from the Heineken Experience.

10. Little Collins

Location on Google Maps: Little Collins
Website: https://www.littlecollins.nl/home/depijp
Instagram: @collins.amsterdam

Little Collins is the sister restaurant of Collins and focuses on all-day brunches in the heart of De Pijp, a stone’s throw from the Sarphatipark.

Choose from light bites or larger plates like the banana loaf or opt for a crepe, poached eggs, hash browns, or the delicious fava bean falafel and hummus. The brunch items are really unique, so it’s definitely not one of your average breakfast places in Amsterdam, but if you’re open for something new, I can only recommend stopping by!

There’s also an extensive drinks menu of coffees, juices, teas, and more. This is one of my favorite places in the city for brunch, and they have a lovely courtyard outside to enjoy your breakfast/brunch.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (20)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (21)

11. Le Petit Deli

Location on Google Maps: Le Petit Deli
Website: https://www.lepetitdeli.nl/
Instagram: @lepetitdeli_amsterdam

You really can’t miss Le Petit Deli, which is definitely one of the cutest breakfast places in Amsterdam and brings a little bit of Paris to the heart of Jordaan.

Indulge in French classics like Omelelette Parisian, cinnamon toast, and of course the freshest croissants in the city.

The smoothie bowls are delicious or if you’re feeling more than a little peckish opt for a croque monsieur or madam or other tasty sandwich.

You’ll taste some of the best coffee in the city here alongside other treats like Matcha, Chai Latte, and even beetroot or turmeric lattes. You can enjoy your breakfast inside, outside or to take away.

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (22)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (23)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (24)

12. Staring at Jacob

Location on Google Maps: Staring at Jacob
Website: https://staringatjacob.nl/
Instagram: @staringatjacob

From chicken and waffles to “dirty” Bloody Marys, Staring at Jacob is a New York-style brunch bar and one of the hippest breakfast joints in Amsterdam.

The mouthwatering Brunch Specials menu includes a yogurt bowl, summer salad, eggs royale, veggie burgers, hot chicken sandwiches, and a lot more.

The Rasco is always a favorite, made from buttermilk fried chicken and coming with a delicious waffle, soft scrambled eggs, and maple syrup.If it’s past 12 (or even if it’s not – you’re on holiday) try one of the dazzling co*cktails or stay for a beer or three.

There’s outside seating overlooking the canal making it a great spot to sit and watch the world go by with a bite of something tasty or a coffee/co*cktail.

13. Piqniq

Location on Google Maps: Piqniq
Website: https://piqniq.nl/
Instagram: @piqniqamsterdam

Picniq is definitely one of the best breakfast spots in Amsterdam thanks to its location on one of the most picturesque streets in the city (Lindengracht) sandwiched between two canals.

The menu has an excellent range of breakfast classics including eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit, soups, and baguettes. The pulled-chicken focaccia is a must-try, and there are also vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

If you just fancy a small nibble then the Little Breakfasts are a great option. Choose from a doughnut fresh from the oven, a croissant with jam, or a cheese croissant among other tasty bites.

There is indoor and outdoor seating, and the decor is cozy and welcoming. The breakfast menu is served until 11:30 am but don’t worry if you don’t make it there in time, the lunch menu is just as good!

14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (25)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (26)
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (27)

14. The Pancake Bakery

Location on Google Maps: The Pancake Bakery
Website: https://pancake.nl/en/
Instagram: @thepancakebakery

I’m all about those pancakes, and The Pancake Bakery is another excellent option and one of the best breakfast places in Amsterdam with all manner of sweet and sour pancakes on offer.

The Pancake Bakery has been open since 1973 making it one of the oldest breakfast joints in the city (if not the oldest). The restaurant is located inside an old 17th-century warehouse and retains much of its original charm.

Choose from dishes like the luxury breakfast of croissants, jam, scrambled eggs, fresh orange juice, coffee, and a cheeky glass of prosecco, or opt for the Dutch breakfast of sunny-side-up eggs with ham, bacon, and cheese.

There are healthy options with yogurt and muesli, and plenty of freshly squeezed juices, coffees, and other drinks available.

Best Breakfast Spots in Amsterdam on the Map

To make your life even easier, we put together a customized interactive map that contains all the best breakfast places in Amsterdam mentioned in this article.

How to use this map: This map is fully interactive, so you can move around, zoom in/zoom out, and click on the icons. If you want to see a larger map, click on the bracket in the upper right corner. To see more details and the different layers, click on the tab in the upper left corner. If you want to save it for later, click on the star icon next to the name of the map. Then simply open Google Maps either on your desktop or phone, go to ‘Saved’/’Maps’, and open the map whenever you need it.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

To make the most of your trip to Amsterdam, you’ll want to make sure that you locate yourself close to the city center. This way, you’ll be able to access all of the attractions with ease and won’t have to waste any time traveling.

One of the best areas to stay in Amsterdam is the Jordaan district. This is a charming part of the city that’s home to historic canals, amazing restaurants, and some of the best breakfast places in Amsterdam! You’ll be close to all the attractions but still able to enjoy a quiet local experience.

Another great area is Museumplein, which is located close to Vondelpark and near most of the major attractions. The area has a great selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops so you’ll never run out of things to do.

If you want to know more about the best areas to stay in the city, make sure to read our in-depth post aboutwhere to stay in Amsterdam.

For a unique stay, you can check out the best luxury hotels in Amsterdam or the best Amsterdam hotels with canal views.

In case you’re in a hurry, below you can find our recommendations for where to stay in Amsterdam for different budgets.

  • Luxury | Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam
  • Mid-range | NH Amsterdam Schiller
  • Budget | Bridge Inn
14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (28)

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14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (29)
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14 Best Breakfast Places in Amsterdam You Have to Try | She Wanders Abroad (2024)


What do people eat for breakfast in Amsterdam? ›

Dutch breakfast and lunch

As a basis we mostly eat bread, crackers or biscuits (beschuit). Popular toppings on bread and crackers are cheese, chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter, meat, jam and chocolate spread. Milk, coffee, juice and water are popular drinks to go with your food.

How much does it cost to have breakfast in Amsterdam? ›

Average price for a cooked breakfast with coffee etc Euro 10. Buffets at the big hotels 20-25 ! Amsterdam is very cosmopolitan as far as eating is concerned; almost every 'Bruin cafe' (bar) will provide a tasty and varied menu, often based on sandwiches.

What is a typical Netherlands breakfast? ›

With a typical Dutch breakfast is often buttermilk, melk, coffee, tea, fresh juice or optimel Drunk. Dutch people who prefer not to start their day with bread often choose yogurt or cereals, such as muesli or cornflakes with milk, yogurt or cottage cheese.

What is Amsterdam signature food? ›

Here are the best Amsterdam foods everyone should try.
  • Stroopwafel. Taste Netherlands' popular sweet treat. ...
  • Bitterballen. Try deep-fried meatballs. ...
  • See also. 10 Best Parks in Amsterdam. ...
  • Dutch pancakes. Enjoy specialty pancakes. ...
  • Raw herring. Try Amsterdam's Infamous Fish. ...
  • Cheese. Enjoy classic Dutch delicacies. ...
  • Poffertjes. ...
  • Snert.

How much does an average meal cost in Amsterdam? ›

How much does a trip to Amsterdam cost for Food?
Meal TypeCost Range (USD)Details
Lunch$15 - $25Mid-range restaurant meals
Dinner$20 - $30Dinners at mid-range to slightly upscale restaurants
Street Food$5 - $10Snacks like stroopwafels, fries, or herring
Drinks$2 - $7Coffee, tea, or a pint of beer
1 more row
May 21, 2024

Do you tip in Amsterdam? ›

This one is pretty simple to answer – the Dutch do not have a tipping culture as strongly-ingrained as much of the English-speaking world. In a bar, restaurant, or private boat tour in Amsterdam, provided the service was good, a tip of around 10% is appreciated but not automatically expected.

Do you need cash in Amsterdam? ›

Using credit cards and debit cards in the Netherlands

Even if you're in a tourist area where your card is normally accepted, it's always a good idea to carry a small amount of cash. It's always wise to be wary of pickpockets though, especially in busy tourist destinations such as Amsterdam.

How much is a cup of coffee in Amsterdam? ›

Dining Out in Amsterdam
FoodAverage Cost
Coffee€3.50 - €5.75
Sandwich€4 - €11
Lunch€8 - €15
Fast food€10 - €15
2 more rows
May 31, 2024

What is the most eaten food in the Netherlands? ›

Traditional Dutch food is meat and potato or fish based for dinner and bread and cheese based for everything else. Beef stew and stamppot are two of the more common, hearty Dutch meals. Raw herring and other North Sea fishes are commonly consumed as well.

What are 3 traditional breakfast dishes? ›

From Waffles to French Toast: Classic Breakfast Recipes to Know...
  • Waffles.
  • French Toast.
  • Pancakes.
  • Dutch Baby Pancakes.
  • Scrambled Eggs.
  • Frittatas.
  • Savory Egg Casserole.
  • Sweet Breakfast Casseroles.
Nov 30, 2023

What time do they eat dinner in Amsterdam? ›

At home people the traditional time is 6PM but in restaurants it usually starts a bit later. I would say that 7PM is the most common time to have dinner in a restaurant. And more fancy places usually start from 6PM.

What drink is Amsterdam known for? ›

Jenever - the alcoholic beverage flavoured with juniper berries - is a traditional drink from the Netherlands. Jenever (also commonly spelled as genever) has a long history in the Netherlands.

What is the national dish of Amsterdam? ›

Stamppot (English: Mash pot) is a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of potatoesmashed with one or several vegetables.

What do the Dutch eat for lunch? ›

Most Dutch people still take a packed lunch to work, typically consisting of a sandwich with brown bread and cheese (known as a bruine boterham met kaas) and half a pint of buttermilk, with a piece of fruit. Dutch office workers often eat a similar meal in their office canteens.

What is good morning in Amsterdam? ›

Other common phrases when greeting someone is “Goedemorgen” ('Good morning'), “Goedendag” ('Good day'), “Goedenmiddag” ('Good afternoon') and “Goedenavond” ('Good evening).

What is a traditional full breakfast? ›

The Traditional Full English Breakfast

A full English breakfast typically includes bacon, fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or buttered toast, and sausages. Black pudding, baked beans, and bubble and squeak are also often included.

What is a traditional European breakfast? ›

However, typical European breakfast dishes such as crepes, waffles, pancakes and pastries with sweet toppings are an excellent way to start the day, as they are quite pleasing to the palate. While typically associated with the first meal of the day, they're actually great any time!


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