BluShield: The Ultimate Golden Age Technology For EMF Protection | Jay Campbell (2024)

Modern technology has undeniably granted us the privilege to instantly connect with anyone and everyone from around the world.

It’s safe to say our lives would come to a stop if everything – the Internet, smartphones, computers, communication networks – disappeared and never came back.

But within this sudden vanishing would be a silver lining: The lack of 24/7 exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and their disruption to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Which is why I AM honored to be writing about Blushield USA and its groundbreaking products that protect humanity from harmful EMF pollution.

We are at the point where the negative health impacts of “dirty” EMF from electronic devices are undeniable, and we can demonstrably observe how they are destroying our bodies with each passing day.

Keep reading to discover why I firmly believe the products from BluShield are the silver bullets we desire to win this silent war against an invisible yet omnipresent enemy of humanity.

BIG THANKS to Blushield USA’s CEO Brandon Amalani for his contributions in providing the intel that helped make this article possible.

He has spent 20 years in the health & wellness industry extensively researching and studying how EMFs impact cellular biology, while helping people achieve sovereignty with their health in two ways: (1) Minimizing the negative effects of EMFs on human well-being, and (2) Optimizing the energy potential of our biological systems via EMF technology mitigation strategies.

You can listen to my podcast I did with him recently by clicking here or watching the video below:

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How Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) Are Invisibly Impacting Your Health

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When it comes to the subject of short-term and long-term EMF dangers, we have far passed the point where it is a mere conspiracy, popular pseudoscience, or wacky woo-woo.

These labels are merely used as a tactic to mock people, shame would-be skeptics into staying silent, and shut down any conversation before it happens.

Of course… as history often reminds us, this only works when overwhelming evidence fails to accumulate over long periods of time.

Because when that happens, what was once a dangerous bit of information becomes an accepted “fact” by everyone and the world develops this selective amnesia where they supposedly knew this fact all along.

I AM telling you we are at the stage of knowledge right now where the collective consciousness is waking up to the health hazards of non-native EMFs.

Similar to the exponential rise of endocrine-destroying chemicals (EDCs) in the modern-day environment and their toxic effects, history is repeating with electromagnetic pollution across the globe.

It threatens all forms of life – not just humans – and there is no escaping it… even if you live in a rural area, good luck avoiding the thousands of satellites and towers being installed at a location nearby you.

But before we can get into the weeds, it’s time to get caught up with what is known in today’s time…

The Only Two Books on EMFs You Have to Read

Even for a prolifically voracious reader like myself, I can admit even grasping at the very basic concepts of EMFs can be overwhelmingly complex and difficult.

You will spend multiple lifetimes reading and feeling like you are going around in circles.

So to alleviate your frustration and get you on track with the conversation ASAP, I implore you to read these two comprehensive works on the subject of EMF pollution:

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life

This book originally came out in 2017 and was so astonishingly comprehensive from start to finish that it pushed me into investigating artificial EMF emissions.

If there was ever a “TOT Bible” equivalent of a comprehensive treaty on the topic of EMFs, this 546-page behemoth would be it.

Arthur Firstenberg – the author – has literally decoded the modern era, going all the way back to when biological life was first impacted by the original radio signal.

Going all the way to World War I, World War 2, Wifi and even the rise of 5G, he is the first person to put down on paper what’s really going on using observable and measurable science.

If you want to understand the history of magnetism and electricity, the theories of particle physics and energy, the pioneers like Tesla and Faraday who are 100% responsible for our current electrical infrastructure, and dive into a rabbit hole you never thought existed… this is the book for you.

Just don’t expect to finish it and view the world the same way again.

EMF Health Impact & Strategies: Blushield’s Guide to Understanding and Navigating the Modern World of Electromagnetic Fields

This 166-page book is a far more accessible look into EMFs for newcomers who will get easily intimidated by Firstenberg’s monster of a book.

The concepts of the book are kept as simple as possible without losing sight of the intricacies associated with EMF or the underlying technology powering Blushield’s line of products.

I AM going to be referencing this book heavily throughout the article, so be ready for several quotations to simplify what is already a very difficult subject to talk about.

In fact, this first bit from Chapter 1 beautifully describes why our dismissal of people experiencing harms from EMFs as “crazy tinfoil hat wearers” is a deadly mistake.

One we have made before:

“But we may remember a time in our not so distant past, when the cigarette industry was prescribing cigarettes to pregnant women via doctors who preferred their brand.

This clever marketing and decades of hiding facts of the effects of cigarettes caused an epidemic of lung and heart diseases.

The payouts they had to make to victims of harm were dwarfed in comparison to the money that was made at their expense.

The evidence is clear, EMFs are harmful. Soon this truth will be as mainstream as the harms of cigarette smoking”

Unfortunately, very few people understand EMF (this is by design) and even fewer people acknowledge the dangers they pose to human health.

What Are Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)?

To defeat the enemy, we have to know the enemy.

So let’s allow Brandon to describe what exactly it is we are up against:

“EMF, or electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic frequencies, are simply an energy that’s usually wirelessly transmitted through the use of radio waves, different spectrums of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum.

These are radiated from not only the electricity running through your walls, but Wifi routers, computers, mobile phones, even microwaves, something some people still cook their food with contains microwave radiation.

Some of the more dangerous forms of EMF, one of the most pernicious and egregious types of energy that are in the environment currently are the cell phone towers and the microwave radiation acting as a carrier signal to basically make it so you can make a cell phone call.

…these are radio frequencies, these are magnetic fields, electric fields and dirty electricity.”

In this context, it is important to remember our bodies are effectively physiological avatars for water, magnetism, and electricity… our cellular machinery and DNA are regulated by electrical impulses and electrochemical signals that control every essential bodily function, and can therefore be influenced by electrical signals in the environment.

To what degree this can happen is highly bio-individual and N-of-1.

Which is why some people are so electro-sensitive to the point where they’ll feel the negative effects right away, while some will “notice” it many years down the road after constant exposure, and some people will never appear to be affected at all.

HOWEVER: Where many people go wrong is assuming that all EMFs are bad and fail to make the differentiation between native EMF and non-native EMF.

(Pay close attention because this misunderstanding is why your “EMF protection device” sitting in your house is probably doing jack sh*t for your health)

From Chapter 1 of the Blushield book:

“EMFs vary in their configuration, their intensity, the speed of their waveforms, and their effects on biology.

Natural electromagnetic fields emitted from the Earth and its atmosphere have constantly changing frequencies that all life forms on Earth have evolved to live within. The natural background radiation on Earth is recognizable by our cells as a product/property of our environment, which we seem to be well adapted to.

Non-native (manmade, artificial) electronic infrastructure and devices emit very different EMF patterns than natural sources. Each of these artificial EMF sources runs on repetitive frequencies – if these were audible to us, we would hear something like an alarm clock or car alarm.

Nothing in nature operates this way, so because of this, our bodies are constantly in ‘alarm mode’ due to the unnatural structure. Also, each of the vast number of frequencies around us in nature stimulates our body’s cells in a slightly different way.”

It is important to emphasize these frequencies obey mathematical phenomena we see happening in the natural world without human interference:

“EMFs from nature use infinitely varied frequencies that occur in natural, coherent patterns, such as the Phi ratio/Fibonacci sequence, a pattern that is widely observed throughout nature.

Nature also never repeats the same combination of frequencies at the same amplitude more than once, ever. We have been living harmoniously alongside natural electromagnetic fields for our entire existence, and they are essential for our well-being.

Natural EMFs, especially fromscalar/longitudinal fields, have a much more positive effect on living organisms than the manmade EMF sources we are exposed to in modern times.

The problem is that the natural background EMFs are extremely subtle compared to the manmade EMFs from electrical and wireless communications devices. These harmful EMFs are millions of times stronger in amplitude, essentially “drowning out” the beneficial background radiation from nature.”

So how does the body respond to being overstimulated with these same frequencies from the manmade EMFs over and over again with each passing second?

By doing what it’s designed to do: Have the immune system go after the foreign invader creating the harmful stimulus.

Except the enemy in question does not have a physical presence, so the immune system keeps swinging punches and missing.

It eventually gets weakened and runs out of energy to fight these repetitive and chaotic signals, which means less juice is available to respond to the invaders with a real physical presence (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.).

And with an immune system fully exhausted of its resources, you start to experience some of the negative outcomes we’re about to discuss.

What Are The Harms of EMF Pollution?

The wrong question to ask is whether EMFs impact your health or not.

The right question to ask, divided into two parts, is the following:

  1. How much have EMFs ALREADY damaged our biological systems in the present moment?
  2. How much WILL EMFs continue to impact our biological systems if we do absolutely nothing from today onward?

I won’t be able to definitively write about every single study examining EMF harms as it would take my entire life and many volumes of encyclopedia-sized books (and I STILL wouldn’t be done).

So for the sake of brevity without sacrificing quality intel, one resource myself and Brandon highly recommend is

It is a constantly updated database (+40,000 papers and counting) consisting of every single study published on non-native EMFs and the horrific outcomes they have on human health.

The second resource I will direct you to is Blushield USA’s official blog, which contains many deep-dive articles that comprehensively cover every major biological system affected by EMF pollution and the irrefutable evidence collected to date for each one.

Consider this a high-level overview of all the ways we KNOW manmade EMFs are nothing but bad news…

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss: The former is especially prominent in people who suffer from “electrohypersensitvity” (EHS) due to a stronger reaction to the environmental stimulus (i.e. the EMF), higher cortisol production and diminished neuroadaptive capabilities.

What’s really fascinating is in the clinical studies examining cell phone users (>4 years), there is a selective increase in tinnitus symptoms AND hearing loss in the preferred ear while the opposite ear was left almost unscathed due to being never (or rarely) exposed to the cell phone.


You be the judge.

Thyroid Dysfunction: Those of you who take desiccated thyroid are already aware of how many people are completely unaware their bodies producing too much/little thyroid hormone (hyper- or hypothyroidism, respectively) is a major source of their “mysterious” health problems.

In the case of EMF-emitting devices like computers and smartphones, scientists can observe “quantifiable effects” in thyroid function and hormone production within just 15 minutes of use.

Among all the human studies, long-term exposure to radiofrequency from devices consistently led to a significant loss in the thyroid gland’s ability to produce the T3 and T4 hormones (consequently leading to a rise in thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) to compensate).

It wouldn’t be a shock if one day there is an iron-tight connection established between non-native EMF exposure and higher incidences of thyroid cancer.

Depression & Anxiety: Anybody remember the “microwave sickness” trend that got popular in the 1990s when people were reporting things like fatigue, headaches, concentration problems, memory loss, anxiety, depression, and more from constant exposure to microwave EMFs?

Yeah, I remember those crazy times… except these neuropsychiatric effects have also been observed when people are too close to wireless smart meters and spend too much time on their smartphones.

However, a pivotal reason people were NOT taken seriously was because we couldn’t come up with a plausible mechanism forwhythe symptoms were appearing.

Today, we know that voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) located in the membranes of every single cell are the primary culprit.

This is a topic that gets incredibly deep into biochemistry even I am not fully versed on, so I’ll let the folks at Blushield take over:

“Calcium ions are sitting at the ready in our cell membranes, waiting for any signal prompt from hormones, neurotransmitters and other messengers in our bodies. When prompted by natural endogenous means, they typically release a tiny amount of calcium into the cytosol (the inside of the cell), which then triggers chain reactions of enzymes and other messengers to initiate a wide variety of functions, depending on what the messenger substance signaled.

…The havoc wreaked [by artificial EMFs] is related to the pulsed nature of alternating currents and radio-frequency radiation, which massively overstimulate our VGCCs, triggering the release of a literal flood of calcium into the inside of our cells. This causes a biologically confusing and overstimulating flood of signals that create chain reactions throughout ultimately every one of our bodily systems.

…This results in small holes in the phospholipid barrier of the cell that leak substances into and out of the cell into places where they shouldn’t be, causing a variety of potential health issues.

A chronic leakage in the cell membrane caused by the calcium channel flooding stimulated by the external EMFs also causes dysfunction in the transport systems of each cell, inhibiting the intake of nutrients and the expelling of waste, causing the cell to weaken and eventually die.”

Remember the “VGCC” acronym well because we will be coming back to it very soon!

Memory & Attention Impairment: By extension of the harm just described, it’s no shocking matter to discover EMFs can also make us (literally) dumber when we’re around them 24/7 at close distances.

Although there are several rat and cell studies examining how DNA and nerve tissue damage take place with excessive EMF exposure, a few surveys have people reporting effects like daytime sleepiness, extreme irritability, memory loss, head pressure, and much more after installing Smart meters in their homes.

But as it turns out, there’s a theory that the TYPE and DURATION of EMF exposure can make the difference in what happens.

Short exposure to natural EMF sources may stimulate the calcium channels and activate the “nitric oxide signaling pathway”, which had antioxidant and anti-inflammatory downstream effects.

Chronic exposure to artificial EMF sources may activate the calcium channels and trigger the “peroxynitrite pathway”, which produces excessive oxidative stress and possible DNA damage.

Reduced Fertility: Turns out the “bros” who were telling us to avoid putting our cellphones in our pockets – and right beside our balls – may have been onto something.

That DNA damage we were just talking about, when it happens in the germ-line cells, can mess up your reproductive cells and have some deadly consequences for the well-being of future generations!

Some of the many observable effects noted in studies examining the effects of non-native EMF exposure on fertility include:

  • Lower sperm count
  • Diminished sperm quality and viability
  • Decreased sperm mobility
  • Fewer properly-formed sperm
  • Increased incidences of miscarriage
  • Lower serum testosterone and progesterone
  • Higher testicular temperature
  • Lower fertility in women due to compromised hormonal cycles

Let’s not even open the can of worms about abnormalities in fetus development because that will REALLY piss the Reptilians off!

If you want to lose even more sleep at night, watch this scathing interview about how your children and your children’s children are going to be impacted by non-stop access to smartphones and other wireless technologies from a very young age.

Harming The Environment: I’ll end off with this last one as nothing could compare to harming Mother Nature herself as all organisms are bioelectric and are therefore impacted by electromagnetic fields.

With trees, we see longer durations of non-native EMF exposure (whether high or low) at specific frequency ranges used by Wifi connections and smartphones (800 Mhz – 2.6 GHz) are most harmful to plants and trees… even though the FCC legal limits for emission from cell phone towers are higher than the EMF levels being studied.

Some of the damage we see includes dead limbs/branches, more leaf loss combined with fewer new leaf growth, clear crown damage on the side exposed to a cell phone tower, lower photosynthetic potential (i.e. decreased growth and nutrient production), and reduced moisture levels ( thereby making them drier and more susceptible to catching on fire).

And the mechanism behind these deteriorating changes is the same one affecting us: Overcompensation in response to oxidative stress!

If you want an even shorter summary than what I just presented, these two sentences from the end of Chapter 1 in Blushield’s book wrap everything up quite nicely:

“Numerous studies have linked long-term non-native EMF exposure to increased risk of many health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, heart disease, miscarriage, brain tumors, leukemia, immune system disorders, learning disabilities, memory loss, sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, lowered sperm counts, increased blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, and DNA damage.

…The immunosuppressive, hormone-disruptive, and DNA-damaging effects of long-term EMF exposure will have harmful epigenetic consequences on the vitality of our children and their children.”

Not something I want near me or my family!

Why Shielding Yourself From All Harmful EMFs Is Counterproductive (And Doesn’t Work)

BluShield: The Ultimate Golden Age Technology For EMF Protection | Jay Campbell (2)

Remember when I said earlier that there was a distinction to be made between natural and artificial EMFs, thereby making a separation between “good” and “bad” EMFs?

Good, because now you have one reason attempting to completely shut out all forms of EMF exposure in your life is a complete and total waste of time.

Similar to how exposure to EDCs is inevitable the second you step foot outside your house into the real world, the same holds true for the 100% failure rate you will have in blocking EMFs.

You’re simply surrounded by too many Wifi signals, satellite signals, radio waves, cell phone towers, and God-only-knows how many other electronic communication devices to avoid the toxicity.

Another reason would be it just simply won’t work as a practical solution, even if you tried your damnedest.

Take it from Mark Langdon, the founder of Blushield USA:

“Don’t waste your time and money on these so-called passive products, shielding products, little stickers for your phone. Absolute waste of money, waste of time.

Unfortunately, they’ve been marketed and people that have a fear of EMF are being preyed on, and led up a golden path where they think they’re protected, and they’re actually not.

…A little sticker will not protect your health. A little pendant around your neck will not prevent you from being affected by EMF.

“…When anyone from any company that produces a so-called EMF protection device, when they say, ‘well, this little sticker you stick on your phone blocks all the EMF, 99.9% of it’

…Most people really don’t stop to think, ‘Hey, if it blocks 99.9% of my radiation from my phone, then why have I still got a signal on my phone?’ If it blocked the EMF from your phone, your phone shouldn’t have a signal. It shouldn’t work.

…They’re selling a $30 sticker. Maybe the product, when subjected to tests, the 2-centimeter circle, probably that doesn’t let EMF through it. But it’s only a 2-centimeter circle that sticks on your phone. It’s only going to stop a 2-centimeter area of signal from being emitted. 9 times out of 10, it’s false protection.”

Similar to the massive scam that’s part of the red light therapy industry, the EMF-protection industry is sadly riddled with ultra-expensive products where you plug the product in, nothing happens, and then people ‘trick’ themselves into experiencing a positive outcome through the placebo effect.

A lot of these hoaxes revolved around the idea of creating the modern-day equivalent of what’s best known as a “Faraday cage”:

“In the 1800s, English scientist Michael Faraday made some revolutionary discoveries about electricity. He is often called the “Father of Electricity” because he discovered that a changing magnetic field produces an electric field…. EMFs are called electromagnetic fields because there’s always an electric field anda magnetic field existing together, each perpetuating the other.

A conductor that’s placed inside a changing magnetic field (or moving through a stationary one) produces voltage across the conductor, which is calledelectromagnetic induction. This is also calledFaraday’s Lawin modern physics, since the phenomenon was first observed and described by Michael Faraday.

Faraday also discovered that an electric current aimed at a conductive metal container would distribute its charge across the entire surface of the box, without passing through the container into the inside. Therefore, the inside of the box was basically a “dead zone” with no measurable fields.”

A few examples of Faraday cages in everyday life include airplanes and cars (ever wonder why you never died of a lightning strike while driving or 30,000 feet above the ground?), MRI rooms, shielded military/government bunkers, and science labs (to eliminate outside electromagnetic influences).

All these very useful things are built as Faraday cages for specific purposes… but this concept falls flat on its face when it comes to protecting your body from non-native EMF exposure.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • A complete Faraday cage that FULLY covers any wireless communication device would render it completely unusable – you wouldn’t be able to receive/send calls on your smartphone or get an Internet connection from your Wifi router (and if you can, you’re not getting 100% protection)
  • As stated before, you’ll also end up blocking the beneficial EMFs produced naturally by the Earth and are essential to the health of life on this planet, including yours (ex. the Schumann resonances)
  • Most devices will only block frequencies on one side of a device (and hence they are not “full” Faraday cages)
  • Only certain frequencies can be blocked/reduced, and this depends on (a) how much coverage you get from the protective material and (b) the size of the holes in the material (i.e. extremely small or no holes to block higher frequencies, whereas a mesh would block lower frequencies yet allow a cell phone signal to pass through

No use in giving yourself a delusional sense of security and becoming convinced you’re fully protected when you’re not — shoutout to the face masks we loved and adored during the scamdemic!

Brandon and his team at Blushield made this same observation when they spent years investigating EMFs to find a viable solution… there just wasn’t really any real-world data showing positive or negative health outcomes associated with living in a Faraday cage.

So what’s the solution, then?

How do we stay protected at the cellular level by minimizing non-native EMF exposure, all while having our Wifi router and wireless devices fully operational so we can communicate and thrive in the modern-day world?

And at the same time, how do we avoid blocking off exposure to native electromagnetic radiation like sunlight that is beneficial for our health?

The secret lies in producing something that creates resonance and entrains cells in a positive way where the organism can harmonize with the environment instead of fighting against it.

And the groundwork for this idea came from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s pivotal work featured in his 2009 lecture at San Francisco State University titled “The Biology of Belief”:

“I put cells in a petri dish… In one set of cultures, I put nutrients in front of the cells. In oneset of cultures I put toxins in front of the cells… I put these back in the incubator and a few hours later, where are the cells going to be in each petri dish?”

“When you come back over time, the cells will always move towards the signals that give them growth [nutrients], and a cell will always move away from signals that threaten its survival [toxins]”

To explain Dr. Lipton’s findings in more practical terms:

“… moving toward a life-sustaining signal such as nutrients characterizes a growth response. Moving away from threatening signals such as toxins characterizes aprotection response.

… cells cannot simultaneously move forward and backward. In other words, they cannot support growth and protection at the same time.”

This is the innate intelligence of the cell that is reflected in the body as a whole… when the option exists, the body will preferentialy create a sympathetic resonance entrainment to waht is beneficial over what is NOT beneficial.

So what we ultimately want to replicate nature as much as possible in our solution because it’s what the cells in our body are designed to gravitate towards and be in tune with.

But before I get into how Blushield unlocked the formula for doing so, let’s talk about what you can start doing NOW to protect yourself against non-native artificial EMFs.

Lifestyle Habits To Protect Yourself From “Dirty” EMF Pollution

BluShield: The Ultimate Golden Age Technology For EMF Protection | Jay Campbell (3)

I’m going to keep this section short and sweet, because a lot of what is considered “optimal EMF hygiene” really comes down to basic common sense.

  • Use a foam/latex mattress instead of a spring mattress as the latter can amplify nearby EMF fields while inducing them through its coils
  • Make sure your head is not near any wiring within the walls or electrical outlets when you are sleeping
  • Replace your wired/wireless headset with an AirTube headset for lower radiation exposure
  • Don’t sleep with phone right next to your bed, and ESPECIALLY not on your chest (put it on airplane mode if you HAVE to do this)
  • Never talk with a cellphone up to your head, and use the speakerphone instead where possible
  • Avoid storing your phone in your pocket while turned on (i.e. next to your reproductive organs), keeping it in airplane mode when you’re not using it
  • Turn off your Wifi router at night when sleeping to ensure you are in a low EMF environment
  • Keep a safe distance away from your laptop, NEVER lying it down on your lap because that channels artificial EMFs right into your body
  • Severely limit how many electronic devices are allowed in your bedroom

There are many more strategies to consider and I AM sure I will update this section with more lifestyle habits as I devise them.

But consider this a good start to increase your conscious awareness of how often (and how much) you are exposed to EMF pollution on a daily basis.

The Blushield Approach: Resonation Over Restriction

BluShield: The Ultimate Golden Age Technology For EMF Protection | Jay Campbell (4)

We now arrive to the big question of how exactly Blushield solves the problem of EMF exposure where all other devices, technologies, and garments have previously failed.

To start, I’ll give you the ‘easy’ answer from Blushield founder Mark Langdon himself:

“… You need to produce a scalar field strong enough to penetrate every cell in the body, to give life enhancing frequencies to the body, and nurture the body so these cells are free to get rid of toxins, and free to uptake nutrients.

… when you’re exposed to EMF of a single frequency… What happens is that because these EMF electrical waves are interfering with the electrical impulses in the body, all the cells in the body react and go into a “shut down” mode, so it interferes with cellular communication. The cells start to shut down. They don’t shut down completely, of course, but they do start to restrict the amount of toxins released from the cell, and also the amount of nutrients that can be uptaken, and oxygen into the cell. So the cell function is decreased quite substantially.

…when we introduce Blushield into the picture, these communication gateways open up. The body no longer responds to EMF, or the negative effects from it. The nutrients are uptaken, there’s an increase in oxygen levels, and there’s also the release of toxins from cells. So a lot of these people that have these detox reactions, it’s because they’re being subjected to EMF for such a long time, their body is storing up all these toxins in the cells, and finally has a chance to release them”

And here’s the ‘hard’ answer, taken from Blushield’s FAQ page:

“Blushield is a revolutionary form of EMF protection that produces coherent frequencies within the human responsive range, based on nature-mimicking mathematical algorithms. It emits frequencies using the same power sources as manmade devices, which creates active, powerful fields.

It is essentially “loud” enough to compete against the biologically incoherent non-native EMF fields. That way, it vastly outperforms the protective devices with weak, passive fields that don’t use a power source (such as stickers, pyramids and pendants).

Instead of attempting to block EMFs, which is ineffective or suboptimal for various reasons, Blushield essentially overpowers non-native EMFs with resonant frequencies. If there are harmonious frequencies in our environment that match or exceed the power of the inharmonious frequencies, our bodies will prefer and attune to the harmonious frequencies through a process called sympathetic resonance.

Like attracts like. When we tune in to the naturally healing Blushield frequencies, our bodies no longer perceive the non-native EMFs as a threat, and our immune system begins to restore itself. Our bodies can rest and heal.”

By protecting us at the cellular level, the Blushield behaves like an antioxidant and prevents the cells from responding to any negative impact from non-native EMFs.

Believe me when I say this can get a hell of a lot more complex, but this what the Blushield approach boils down to across all of their devices.

Scientific Evidence Supporting Blushield

“But Jay, where are all the STUDIES proving Blushield actually works???”

You’re just in time, because Blushield has officially published their first-ever clinical pilot study examining the effects of their technology on otherwise healthy people.

While the manuscript is under peer review at the time of this writing, the most important results can be publicly shared.

This was a single-arm 12-week study testing 25 subjects (general practitioners and physical therapists) with self-reported good health.

They were tested before they used the Blushield, a second time within an intermediate point during the 12 weeks, and then a third time after the 12 weeks had passed by.

No unwanted side effects were reported and a 100% compliance rate was achieved by all subjects.

Some of the most notable improvements observed were…

“Statistically significant positive results were found in the areas of composite memory, cognitive flexibility, executive function, and processing speed” (according to the CNS Vital Signs neurocognitive assessment done every 4 weeks)

“Improvements in heart rate variability, average & lowest resting heart rate, increased average deep sleep time by 9 minutes (90 minutes to 99 minutes), and improvements in body temperature” (according to data collected from an Oura ring participants wore for the duration of the study)

“Statistically significant reduction in blood glucose despite all participants having levels within a healthy range before using Blushield”(a BIG point of interest for a future study examining the effects of Blushield on diabetics and pre-diabetics

“Increase in monocytes and decrease in natural kill cells within a healthy range”

“Statistically significant improvement in participants’ subjective experience of overall health and well-being” (according to a self-reported health questionnaire filled out at various times throughout the study)

“Hypermethylation of 94% of the 204 CpG (Cytosine-phosphate-Guanine) sites, including a VGCC gene to statistical significance” (i.e. the channels are bieng quieted down as they are chronically overstimulated when in the heavy presence of artifical EMFs)

And just for you guys, I AM leaking the conclusion:

“…we are the first EMF protection company that we’re aware of to test the effects of our devices on the voltage-gated calcium channel genes, and find notable improvements.This is something we will certainly be testing more extensively in future, larger scale studies.

The study paper concludes that Blushield devices appear to be feasible, safe, and associated with improvements in cognitive function, sleep, heart rate variability, voltage-gated ion channel gene normalization, blood glucose, immune response, and overall self-reported health among relatively healthy adults.It also emphasizes that the devices ‘appear to be a reasonable component of a comprehensive EMF mitigation strategy to minimize RF exposure’, which is always how we encourage people to use our devices.”

The YouTube video below talks about the trial in far greater detail:

Jay Campbell’s Experience With Blushield’s C1 Ultimate Cube

Lastly, no Jay Campbell article would be complete without my own N-of-1 experience for a product I AM endosring.

The specific Blushield product I was honored to test out was the C1 Ultimate Cube (Pictured below):

BluShield: The Ultimate Golden Age Technology For EMF Protection | Jay Campbell (5)

Before I get into this, allow me to provide some backstory of just how profound and INSTANT the effects from this device are…

When I was living in Mexico for 10 months, I was in absolute creator heaven.

The food was farmed to table and not contaminated… the skies aren’t being sprayed with who-knows-what… no 5G around me… I was able to prolifically write and release both Optimize Your Health With Therapeutic Peptides AND 30 Days 2 Shredz within the same year!

Anyhow, once I moved back to Tampa Florida, things just weren’t the same.

I would also get this low-grade brain feeling in the back of my mind I couldn’t explain away.

I ordered the C1 Ultimate Cube on a Wednesday in late July of this year and it came on a Monday.

Everything in my house was unplugged and nothing was inside as I was just moving my things to what was my new home.

The FIRST DAY I plugged the cube in, one of my teenage daughters ended up falling asleep right beside it in her sleeping bag after a hard gymnastics training session and didn’t move a muscle for 9 hours straight.

Both of my dogs – Simba and my pitbull Thor – were lying down right next to her in perfect harmony, which I can tell you has literally never happened before.

Every night since the cube has been operational, both of my daughters continue to sleep undisturbed.

And Thor continues to sleep right below the cube every night, gravitating towards it naturally as if it was his spot.

Now, whenever he is outside, he is just supremely grounded and attentive… compared to when he was in Mexico and couldn’t control himself from chasing every and any wildlife he saw.

As for myself and Monica… as highly productive type-A go-getters who never stop moving, we have never felt more balanced and centered in our lives.

The entire atmosphere in our house is just so chill and serene, and it’s the very first thing all of our house guests noticed… just this deeper sense of calm.

Our daughters aren’t quibbling as much anymore, and Monica and I rarely argue.

Unless you are at a specific level of conscious awareness (watch my conversation with Brandon in our podcast for a frame of reference) this can be difficult to explain to people.

As many people have to visually see and empirically observing in the 3D realm (SEEING is beLIEving).

But if you’re of a high enough vibration, you already know what I’m talking about.

Until you take ownership of your personal health by shielding yourself, you have no idea how EMF pollution is affecting you right now!

Where To Buy BluShield’s EMF Protection DevicesToday

BluShield: The Ultimate Golden Age Technology For EMF Protection | Jay Campbell (6)

This is absolutely MUST-HAVE technology for anybody reading this article, and doubly so if you live in a large metropolitan area.

If you want to experience the transformative power of breaking free from dirty EMF pollution, go to and use code JayC for 15% OFF your order (this is their lowest discount all year due to Black Friday Cyber Monday)!

There are an abundance of devices you can buy and some are better suited for certain individuals depending on their geographical circ*mstances.

So allow me to finish the article with two pieces of advice…

First, consider the environment you are in as the “EMF density” of your surroundings will determine what device is best for you.

Someone who lives in a rural area won’t need a stronger device compared to someone who lives in a major city beside an international airport.

However.. you can “future proof” yourself knowing your area will likely increase in EMF density over the next 5-10 years.

A free resource like will tell you how many cell towers and antennas are within a predetermined radius.

Second, look into their travel-friendly portable devices for protecting yourself against non-native EMF exposure on the go

There are many options to choose from, although Brandon himself is a bit more hardcore and will bring the C1 Ultimate Cube to wherever his destination is if he’s setting up camp for a few days.

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

PS – If you want to get up-to-speed with the health discoveries people are calling “conspiracies” today but will admit are “incontrovertible facts” many years from now, joinThe Fully Optimized Health Private Membership Group.

It’s your greatest opportunity to fully optimize your health and gain total access to me and my network of high-level men and women living their highest and best lives.

BluShield: The Ultimate Golden Age Technology For EMF Protection | Jay Campbell (2024)


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