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Blushield is a revolutionary form of EMF protection that produces coherent frequencies within the human responsive range, based on nature-mimicking mathematical algorithms. It emits frequencies using the same power sources as manmade devices, which creates active, powerful fields. It is essentially “loud” enough to compete against the biologically incoherent non-native EMF fields. That way, it vastly outperforms the protective devices with weak, passive fields that don’t use a power source (such as stickers, pyramids and pendants).

Instead of attempting to block EMFs, which is ineffective or suboptimal for various reasons, Blushield essentially overpowers non-native EMFs with resonant frequencies. If there are harmonious frequencies in our environment that match or exceed the power of the inharmonious frequencies, our bodies will prefer and attune to the harmonious frequencies through a process called sympathetic resonance. Like attracts like. When we tune in to the naturally healing Blushield frequencies, our bodies no longer perceive the non-native EMFs as a threat, and our immune system begins to restore itself. Our bodies can rest and heal.

Think about it like an old television where you must turn the dial to change the channel. If you tune the dial to channel 9, the coil will resonate with the carrier signal, which has coded information that the TV turns into audio and light frequencies that we perceive as a coherent picture. It doesn’t mean that the other frequencies for all the other stations aren’t there, it simply means that the coil is tuned to that station. Similarly, our cells have evolved to tune in to nature instead of the repetitive high-powered EMFs in our modern environment. The scalar carrier wave is encoded with a very complex algorithm that, when introduced into the environment, entrains the cells via sympathetic resonance. Since the cells are entrained and harmonized with natural frequency patterns, it paints a coherent picture at the cell level. Like on the old TV, the cells cannot be dialed into two stations, and the body will always be more affected by the strongest and healthiest signal/influence in the environment.

We have demonstrated in humans and animals that the body will self-correct and balance itself when it no longer perceives that there is a threat of EMF.

We have found that Blushield will protect the body up to 93% against EMF, as most of the damage seems to come from the body mounting a constant immune response, which depletes the immunity and vitality of the person or animal.

It has taken 30 years and over 2 million dollars to develop Blushield technology. Most active EMF protection devices on the market use coils and high voltage, which are costly, use a lot of power, interfere with other devices, and cause stress on the body long-term. Blushield instead uses an advanced microprocessor that requires very little power and doesn’t interfere with other devices.

Many popular devices only produce single frequencies, like Schumann resonance devices that usually run at a constant 7.83 Hz; or a repeated combination of frequencies, like Solfeggio (several frequencies that were considered holy in ancient times, and used in hymns). These may deliver some benefits at first, but after some time, the body will stop responding positively to these repetitive frequencies, because nature itself is constantly varying. Blushield emits scalar waveforms that never stimulate your body twice with the same combination of frequencies at the same amplitude.

Blushield technology is mimicking nature, but much more powerfully. Blushield’s coherent field overrides all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation. Blushield’s multiple waveform output is the most sophisticated EMF protection to date, and is engineered to achieve maximum effectiveness for all living creatures.

The home and portable devices you choose should be mainly dependent on the overall EMF density of where you live and travel to often — whether rural, small town, suburban area, medium or large city, or dense metropolitan area. We have different strength devices for areas of lesser or greater EMF density.

Please read our Blushield Product Guideto find out which devices would be ideal for your living situation and needs. It’s ideal to have a home unit plugged into your house as your primary protection, and a portable as an adjunct to carry with you when you’re out and about, and away from your home unit, for shorter periods of time. The home and portable devices work in tandem to maintain your protection 24/7, for optimal results.

Please read our full return policy here.

We have a 30-day limited money back guarantee on all goods purchased from this website (excluding accessories). Please decide carefully when purchasing, as you will be charged a return fee of 20% of the purchase price since it costs us time and money to process any returns, and we cannot resell used/opened devices as new. Please contact our staff before purchasing if you are not entirely sure of your purchase.

All undamaged products in original packaging and condition may be returned within 30 days after delivery. You must first contact a sales representative by clicking the 'Support' button on the lower right of any pagein order to initiate your return. Returns will not be allowed once the 30 day window has passed.

Blushield products are designed to last. The home plug in units will last many years, as long as they are treated well. They plug in and then you don’t have to do anything else except rest assured that you have EMF protection. You can check occasionally to make sure that the units are still emitting the light, to verify that they’re still working. As long as they haven’t been dropped or submerged in water, the home units will stand the test of time.

The portable units, while also made to last, are more likely to get damaged due to the fact that they are portable. Just like your mobile phone, it could be dropped or washed or lost. These are things that go hand in hand with having a device that you take with you everywhere. We urge you to use care with your portable devices, keep them clean, and store them in places that limit damage. For example, keeping them in the bottom of a bag or purse is ill advised. These places tend to accumulate dirt and debris, and can cause damage to the device as larger items are around it. Investing in aleather portable pouchfor your Portable will offer extra protection from damage and dirt accumulation.

Most people experience increased energy levels, better sleep, less stress and an overall better sense of well being. Some people report aches and pains disappearing, which may be due to the release of stress upon the body.

It is best to install the Blushield close to the people, instead of close to the electrical equipment. It is designed to affect the people, not the equipment. All persons within the sphere of influence will be protected from EMF.

If installing in a house, plug your stationary Blushield device in a hall or in a central part of the house, or anywhere that’s a protected area where the device won’t be bumped, knocked over, or where animals or small children can reach it. Keeping it in a protected area will ensure your Blushield lasts the entirety of the long life is was designed to have.

It is best to minimize the exposure you receive from EMF (electromagnetic fields) but it is almost impossible to avoid the effects from them, as they cannot be shielded effectively or removed from the environment. Reducing most strong influences from your workspace is a good thing, but the use of the Blushield will take care of you while using electrical equipment.

No, the Blushield is not emitting frequencies based on sound. It has no speaker or transducer. The Blushield emits a torsion/scalar field which is similar in nature to a cancelled magnetic field. This torsion/scalar field is generated by the microprocessor itself. The Blushield does not emit any kind of magnetic field or radio frequency, so it is also safe to use on airplanes and with pacemakers.

Yes, our devices are safe to use with any medical implants, including pacemakers, because they do not emit any magnetic or radiofrequency fields that would interfere with the function of electronics in the body.

1. High Energy Density

It is about 3 to 10 times more energy dense than any other primary battery. The energy density of Li/MnO2 battery is up to 370Wh/kg and above.

2. High and Stable Operating Voltage

3. Wide Operating Current Range

To ensure long service life, the cell operating current is merely at a few microamperes.

4. Wide Operating Temperature Range

For different cell types and under different operating current and applications, the operating temperature endures from -40℃ to +70℃.

5. Long Shelf Life

Very low self discharge characteristics in storage at 20℃ and dry environment, and yearly capacity loss is less than 1% .

6. Outstanding Service Life

Long operating life for some application based on different current.

7. Ultimate Safety

Primary lithium batteries are CE certificated, and meet UN transportation test requirement.

Blast resistant construction to assure the safety.

Non-flammable electrolyte

8. Green Energy

These batteries are free of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury, etc. All of the wastes are naturally degradable and create no long-term pollution to the environment.

The type of Lithium battery we use in our portable devices are a non-rechargeable or dry primary battery that contains no lead, mercury or cadmium. These type of batteries deliver constant power for the longest time period and are more stable, hence the reason we use them.

These dry lithiums are also found in medical equipment and used in pacemakers.

Hermetically sealed and insulated contacts mean the contents are contained and there is no risk of fire or short circuit.

There is a myth going around about Lithium batteries and how toxic and dangerous they are, that by wearing them it can affect one’s health. This is a total myth. It is impossible for the battery to have any negative effect on your health unless you swallowed one. Our batteries are a little hard to swallow considering the size.

Our Portable units will fully recharge in 1-3 hours, depending on the device model. Please see our Product Guide for the specific battery properties for each device.

The C1 Ultimate Cube offers the strongest possible protection, followed by the Premium Ultra and the B1 Premium Cube.

TheC1 Ultimate Cubeis the ideal choice if you live in a dense metropolitan area with extreme levels of EMFs, including more than 8 nearby 5G towers. ThePremium Ultrais ideal for those living in a large city or dense metropolitan area with some 5G exposure. TheB1 Premium Cubeis a great choice for those who live in somewhat urban areas, cities or suburban neighborhoods, and are exposed to Smart meters, Wifi, 5G and other Smart devices, but without the intensity of exposure of large metropolitan areas.

Please read ourProduct Guidefor more detailed instructions on how to choose the best home device for your living situation and needs.

Leaving your Blushield on the dash in the car or in a place where there is direct sunlight can reduce the life of the Lithium batteries. Once hot, the battery life expectancy will drop quite considerably. It is best to keep the Blushield in your pocket or in the glove compartment, out of direct sunlight.

We have had reports from customers that their pregnancy and birth was a lot easier. Customers have also suggested that it was easier for them to conceive using the Blushield products and that the baby was stronger and healthier than previous siblings. The proof is in the pudding. Babies born into a Blushield environment who had some health issues seemed to do better than those who were in a toxic EMF environment.

If you are well into your pregnancy and you start using the products, you may go through an adjustment period, which may entail a mild detox. If you find you are getting tired or more nauseated than normal, you may wish to switch off the device and give your body a rest. Healthy individuals may not experience much of an adjustment period and can use the products with confidence. The frequencies from the Blushield are designed to enhance life.

Disclaimer: Many things can go wrong with pregnancies, which is why we don’t advocate the use of our products during that time. It is up to the individual using the products to make the best choice for them and their unborn child. We cannot be held responsible for anything going wrong during your pregnancy.

Yes. The scalar field created by Blushield penetrates all matter. The field goes out in all directions creating a bubble, with the device at the center.

Your dual band home device should emit a constant light when the device is plugged in, with an occasional flickering (which repeats approximately every half minute if you look very closely). The older mono band models (the Plugin, Cube, Auto and white Portable) will only emit a light approximately every 30 seconds. The light is integral to the operation of the device, as the scalar field is generated using pure crystal photonics (light). If you find that your device is not emitting a light in the previously described manner, please contact us using the button on the bottom right corner of any page.

We recommend the use of the Blushield stationary devices at your office as well as at home. If you only have a stationary device at home and not at your office (if you work full time), it’s like going from a hot shower to a cold one, ultimately not good for your overall well being (although it’s still better than not having a Blushield at all!). Secondly, most workplaces have lots of electrical equipment, which puts you and co-workers at risk. Most high radiation fields exist where the use of a computer and electrical equipment are combined. This is where the use of a Blushield is most valuable.

Please read ourProduct Guideto find out which Blushield stationary device would be ideal for the specific levels of EMF exposure at your home and office.

No, Blushield is not a blocking or shielding device. If it blocked EMFs, then your cell phone and Wifi would no longer work as intended. Blushield provides protection directly at the cell level of living organisms, by producing a biologically coherent competing field that the body preferentially entrains with. It exists alongside the EMFs emitted by your other devices (including cell phones and Wifi), but the Blushield gives your body a healthier option to resonate with, which removes the majority of the biological harm from the other EMFs.

Since it is virtually impossible to isolate yourself from EMF, whether it be in your home, office or in your car, Blushield gives you a healthy frequency field to resonate with, instead of trying to remove or alter the other EMFs (which doesn’t really work). The majority of the harm from the EMFs seems to come from the chronic oxidative stress produced by the body’s constant, strong immune response that tries to “attack and defeat” what it perceives as a foreign invader. In that way, it’s a lot like an autoimmune condition, so when the body can be calmed, feels safe, and no longer reacts to the EMFs with an excessive immune response (which over time becomes inflammatory and damaging to the body), the vast majority of the harm is removed.

To find out more about how Blushield compares with other EMF protection devices and methods, please read ourPassive vs. Active EMF Protectionarticle.

Some people do not feel anything when using Blushield, but a blood test before and after still would show marked differences. Your genetic makeup determines your level of perceived sensitivity or insensitivity, but does not affect the level of protection you receive.

Blood tests showed a significant decrease in oxidation and inflammation, which was a rather marked change despite the subject not feeling any different. Others report immediate benefits followed by improvements in health, without changing one’s lifestyle. Each experience is individual, and not subject to wishful thinking or belief systems.

Your portable will not be damaged by X rays, nor will any signal from mobile phones affect the performance of your portable Blushield.

If you are going through customs and concerned about them asking you what it is, you can simply say ‘It reduces the effects of jet lag’.

We have been through numerous international and domestic airports without a single query. Keep it in your carry-on luggage bag, and most of the time no one will even ask you what it is, so no need to worry.

The Blushield will not interfere with the plane’s navigation, either, since the field is pure scalar. You will probably have the best sleep you ever had on any plane, and arrive refreshed.

Many people have budget constraints, or have the assumption that if they buy a portable they can be protected wherever they go. This is a misconception; here are the differences so you can make the right decision for you.

A Portable is cheaper, but it only protects a small personal area, and it needs to be carried everywhere. It also needs to be recharged fairly often, and will not emit a protective field while charging. Generally, the portables are not strong enough to initially entrain the body to the Blushield field, but theyarestrong enough to maintain the resonance your body has previously established with a stronger home device, for shorter periods of time when you’re out and about.

Recognizing and entraining with the Blushield field is a lot like learning a new skill. At first, you will have to put effort and focus into developing the skill, but after you learn the skill, it’s much easier and almost automatic to repeat the skill once your body has the “muscle memory”! Likewise, your body’s cells will require a strong field to initially recognize and entrain with the Blushield field. Once it begins consistently resonating with this field, it will begin to expect the field’s presence everywhere you go. Although your Portable’s field strength is just a fraction of the strength of your home unit, your body is already seeking out those field patterns specifically, so it will seek out and resonate with your Portable’s field even if the other EMFs around you are comparably much stronger overall. You’ll just want to make sure you consistently “revisit” the strong field of your home unit, especially at night when you sleep, since sleep is when your body does most of its repair and regeneration.

A stationary device offers a larger area of protection, so one device will protect everyone in the house all of the time, and likely your front and back yards, as well. It does not need batteries, and costs barely any electricity to run. It should last many years (possibly even a decade or longer), so a one-time purchase should last a very long time. It is a little more expensive than a portable, but only one is needed for each home or office. Remember, portables are designed to be used outside your plugin protected area, and are useful for traveling.

If you can only afford one device at first, it makes good sense to invest in a home unit to start, then think about portable protection later. If you can afford a bundle pack, you can save some money buying a home and portable device at the same time!

All of our home units have a very large coverage area that will easily cover the square footage of even a large home, so we tend to focus more on how much protection strength you need for the EMF density you’re exposed to. Each area and home is unique in the amount of electromagnetic radiation there is, so it is important to know when choosing a device. The strength of the signal emitted from each Blushield model is different.

Please read ourProduct Guideto find out which home device would be the best choice for your unique living situation and needs.

We carefully pack and ship all orders in house from Liberty, Missouri. We striveto ship the order the sameor next business day. However, depending on promotions,inclement weather or holidays, we ask that you allow 24-72 hours for shipping updates. During busy sales, it may take up to two weeks to process your order.Shipping using USPS Priority or UPS Ground usually arrives within 2-3 days for the continental U.S.

You may choose expedited shipping, which is the overnight option. Doing so will put your order to the front of the queue and we will get your order out same day or next business day. Expedited shipping delivers the following day, unless the order is shipped on a Friday - then it will arrive on Monday.

We cannot guarantee any transit times. Once the order is in the hands of the courier, we no longer have control over delivery.

You will receive an email with updates when the order is placed, shipped, out for delivery and delivered. If you do not see the emails, please check your spam folder and whitelist our shipping email address. This will ensure that you will get updates from us. We recommend following your tracking so you can be prepared to sign for your package. We require a signature for all deliveries of Blushield tech. If you miss the delivery attempt, the courier will leave a note with recovery options.

We thank you foryour order and are here to help if you have any questions!


These stationary Blushield devices all have the same power port and use the same power cord to operate.

Ensure that the power source/ electrical outlet being used is active and secure.

Ensure that the power cord is fully connected to the port of the device by carefully pressing the prong into the port until there is only a small space (approximately 2 mm) between them.

Within a few seconds of being plugged in properly to a secure power source, the light on the device should come on and stay on constantly, with an intermittent flicker (about every 25-40 seconds). The light color varies among Blushield’s stationary devices.

Light colors per device:

EVO orange, C1 blue, U2 red, B1 red, Phi 3 white

If your device is brand new and the light is not coming on when the power cord is connected properly and plugged in, first try a new outlet and/ or try another electronic device on that outlet to test if you can rule out the outlet as the cause of the issue.

If you have had your device for a while, and you notice that the light is no longer on, the power cord or port on the device has likely incurred damage.

Please reach out to us for further troubleshooting if you cannot get your stationary Blushield device to operate.

The Phi 2 Plugin is unique to Blushield’s stationary devices because it simply plugs directly into electrical outlets. The outlet “adapter” is a separate piece that slides onto the back of the main unit; Align the two silver prongs on the Phi 2 with the holes on the back on the adapter. Then slide and press the piece down until it snaps fully into place. The connection is complete when the top of the device is completely flat. To take this piece off, you must firmly press it upwards.

The white light on the front of the Phi 2 should come on immediately upon being plugged into a secure electrical outlet, stay constant, and flicker intermittently (about every 25-40 seconds).

If the light on the Phi 2 is not coming on when the adapter is connected properly and plugged in, first try a new outlet and/ or try another electronic on that outlet to test if you can rule out the outlet as a potential cause of the issue. In other words, ensure that the power source is active.

Please reach out to us for further troubleshooting if you cannot get your device to operate.

The (Second Edition) U1 Portable and the X1 Pendant are battery operated Blushield devices that do not have a power button. Therefore, when the battery has any charge, the device will be powered ON, and when the battery is empty, the device will be OFF.

Please use a 1 amp (5V) wall charger with the included USB-C power cable. Plug the prong of the cable fully into the port on the device. A flashing red light indicates that the battery is charging/ partially full. It takes 1.5-2 hours for the batteries of the U1 and X1 to fully charge, which will then be indicated by a solid green light.

Once fully, or partially charged, and unplugged from the power cable, the device will be ON with a solid green light and intermittent flicker (about every 25-40 seconds).

When the battery is low, the light will flash red, and eventually power off.

For optimal battery health, do not leave the device on the charger for much longer than necessary, or use “fast chargers”.

The T1 and Phi 1 are battery operated Blushield devices that feature a power button. When charged, pressing the button for about 2 seconds will power the device ON/OFF.

Please use a 1 amp (5V) wall charger with the included USB-C power cable. Plug the prong of the cable fully into the port on the device. A flashing red light indicates that the battery is charging/ partially full. It takes 1.5-2 hours for the batteries of the T1 and Phi 1 to fully charge, which will then be indicated by a solid green light.

Once fully, or partially charged, and unplugged from the power cable, the device can be powered ON by pressing the button for about 2 seconds. Once ON, the light will be solid green with an intermittent flicker (about every 25-40 seconds). Another press will power it OFF.

When the battery is low, the light will turn to a flashing red, and eventually power off.

For optimal battery health, do not leave the device on the charger for much longer than necessary, or use “fast chargers”.

The W1 has the most user features of all Blushield models. It allows you to customize the following settings: time and date, language, brightness, watch face, and watch face lock. The controls are navigated using the touch screen and the single button on the side of the watch.

When charged, pressing the button down for about 4 seconds will power the watch ON/OFF. Also, when the watch is removed from the charger, it will automatically be ON.

The included charging cord makes a magnetic connection to the port on the back on the W1. Only in one direction will the battery port make a complete connection with the magnets. The two red lights on the back are OFF while the watch is charging and the screen will be purple with a white lightening bolt. The screen will quickly time out after being connected to the charger. Click the button for the screen image to reappear.

Tip: Keep the device somewhere secure while charging, as the magnet can be easily disconnected from the cord or device being moved.

The W1 battery can take up to 4 hours to fully charge from empty. For optimal battery health, do not leave the device on the charger for much longer than necessary, or use “fast chargers”. Please use a 1 amp (5V) wall charger (not included).

The two red lights on the back of the watch indicate that it is ON. They will stay on.

A red lightning bolt will appear across the screen when the battery is low.

The W1 is not a smart watch, which means the time and date settings may need to be reprogrammed if the battery has sat empty for an extended period of time.

Do not expose the W1 to water or excessive moisture, as it is NOT water resistant. Even body sweat and lotions can cause damage (in the form of corrosion) to the W1.

Please watch the video on the W1 Product Page for more information on how to operate the device, install the tempered glass screen protector, change the straps, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


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