Pennsylvania Lottery - Second Chance Winners (2024)

Second-ChanceDrawing and Giveaway Winners

The Second Chance™gives VIP Players Club members more opportunities to win! It’s the place to enter, play or discover more about Second-Chance Drawings, games, giveaways and special promotions from the Pennsylvania Lottery.


NASCAR Powerball Playoff Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

2024 Summer Sports Giveaway

2024 Summer Concert Giveaway

Bring on Spring Second-Chance Drawing

CLUE Second-Chance Drawing

Four Leaf Luck Second-Chance Drawing

ADVANCE TO GO Second-Chance Drawing

Perfect Match Second-Chance Drawing


Ugly Sweater Second-Chance Drawing

2023 Hoops and Hockey Giveaway

Spook-tacular Second-Chance Drawing

Haunted Harvest Online Prize Draw

PRESS YOUR LUCK® Second-Chance Drawing

THE BIG GAME Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

Powerball First Millionaire of the Year® Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

Road Trip Riches Seocnd-Chance Drawing

THE GAME OF LIFE Second-Chance Drawing

NASCAR Powerball Playoff Online Prize Draw

Lucky 13 Online Prize Draw

2023 More Music Giveaway

Brake the Bank Second-Chance Drawing

2023 Rockin' Summer Giveaway

2023 Summertime Ball Game Giveaway

Hello, Sunshine Second-Chance Drawing

Paw-some Second-Chance Drawing

In the Clover Second-Chance Drawing

With Love Second-Chance Drawing


#sELFie Second-Chance Drawing

Crazy 8s Online Prize Draw

In The Net Sports Ticket Giveaway

FaBOOlous Second-Chance Drawing

Eagles Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

Steelers Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

Powerball First Millionaire of the Year® Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

2022 IT'S A KICK! Football Ticket Giveaway

Double Dip Second-Chance Drawing

2022 Summertime Fun Giveaway

THE PRICE IS RIGHT™ Second-Chance Drawing

2022 Ballpark Fun Giveaway

Raining Riches Second-Chance Drawing

THE WIZARD OF OZ™ Second-Chance Drawing

Loads of Luck Second-Chance Drawing

VIP 50th Anniversary Giveaway

50th Anniversary Online Prize Draw

50th Anniversary Facebook Live Giveaway

A Dozen Roses Second-Chance Drawing


North Pole Payout Second-Chance Drawing

2021 Round Ball Giveaway

EVERLASTING MILLION Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

Haunted House Second-Chance Drawing

2021 In The Net Hockey Giveaway

THE BIG GAME Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

Powerball First Millionaire of the Year℠ Second-Chance Drawing and Online Prize Draw

2021 Football Is Back Giveaway

Sunny Money Second-Chance Drawing

2021 Take Me Out Giveaway

MONOPOLY Second-Chance Drawing

Bloomin' Bucks Second-Chance Drawing

2021 Going to the Races Giveaway

End of the Rainbow Second-Chance Drawing

Love Potion Second-Chance Drawing


$100,000 Wish List Second-Chance Drawing

Count de Money Second-Chance Drawing

Eagles Second-Chance Drawing and iLottery Prize Draw

Steelers Second-Chance Drawing and iLottery Prize Draw

Powerball First Millionaire of the Year℠ Second-Chance Drawing and iLottery Prize Draw

BBQ Bucks Second-Chance Drawing

SKEE-BALL® Second-Chance Drawing

Springtacular Second-Chance Drawing

JAMES BOND™ Lottery Challenge Second-Chance Drawing

Go for the Green Second-Chance Drawing

Lucky in Love Second-Chance Drawing


Holly Jolly Second-Second Drawing

2019 PA Lottery Hoops and Fun Games Giveaway

2019 PA Lottery Hockey Giveaway

Howl-O-Ween Second-Chance Drawing

2019 VIP Football Fun Giveaway

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve® Second-Chance Drawing and iLottery Prize Draw

Grumpy Cat® Second-Chance Drawing

THE WIZARD OF OZ™ Second-Chance Drawing

Summer Splash Second-Chance Drawing

PA iLottery 2019 Race Cars and Concerts Giveaway

VIP 2019 Race Cars and Concerts Giveaway

Fast Frenzy Second-Chance Drawing

VIP Summer Ball Game Giveaway

PA iLottery Summer Ball Game Giveaway

Spring Fling Second-Chance Drawing

VIP Pocono Race Weekend Giveaway

O'Lucky Day Second-Chance Drawing


Jingle All the Way Second-Chance Drawing

2018 Dunks, Pucks and Sticks Giveaway

2018 Ice Cold Hockey Giveaway

Spooktacular Second-Chance Drawings

2018 VIP Fall Football Giveaway

Eagles Second-Chance Drawings

Steelers Second-Chance Drawings

2018 PA iLottery Concert Giveaway

Beat the Heat Second-Chance Drawing

2018 VIP Concert Giveaway

Spring into Green Second-Chance Drawing

VIP 2018 Summer Sports BIG Giveaway

VIP 2018 Start Your Engines Giveaway

MONOPOLY Second-Chance Drawing

Lots O'Luck Second-Chance Drawing

Hearts Are Wild Second-Chance Drawing


Very Merry Second-Chance Drawing

Pucks and Buckets Giveaway

Drop the Puck Giveaway

Monster Cash Second-Chance Drawing

Kickin' It Social Giveaway

Big Game Second-Chance Drawings

Fall 2017 VIP Football Giveaway

Gold Fish® Second-Chance Drawing

Heat Wave Second-Chance Drawing

Spring Fling Second-Chance Drawing

Instant Fun Instagram Giveaway 2017​

2017 Share Your Summer Social Giveaway​

2017 Hit the Road Mobile App Giveaway

Summer Fun VIP Players Club Giveaway

Four Leaf Fortune Second-Chance Game

Match The Elf Giveaway

Secret Santa Second-Chance Drawings


Screamin' 7s Second-Chance Drawings 2016

Family Feud(R) Second-Chance Drawings 2016

Wild Ball Bonus Second-Chance Drawings 2016

Mustang Second-Chance Drawings 2016

Sizzlin' Summer Second-Chance Drawing 2016

$100,000 Home Makeover Second-Chance Drawings 2016

Home Makeover Giveaway

2016 Monster May Giveaway

Big Race Giveaway 2016

Draft Day Pro Football Giveaway 2016

Margaritaville® Second-Chance Game Winners

Lots O' Cash Second-Chance Drawing Winners

2016 Behind the Scenes Hockey Giveaway Winners


$100,000 Holiday Countdown Second-Chance Game Winners

Pro Football Philadelphia Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Pro Football Pittsburgh Second-Chance Drawing Winners

12 Days To Spread Instant Cheer Twitter Giveaway Winners

MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB National TV Game Show Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Mobile App Pro Football Giveaway Winners

Pumpkin Patch Payout Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Second-Chance Game for The Wizard of Oz™ Winners

Pro Football Preseason Giveaway Blast

Pickup Luck Second-Chance Drawing Winner

Cash for a Year Second-Chance Drawing Winner

O'Lucky 7 Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Take Your Pick! Second-Chance Drawings Winners

MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB Lottery Game Second-Chance Drawing Winners

2014-15Holiday Cheer Second-Chance Game Winners


The Big Game! Hoops and Hockey Ticket Giveaway Winners

12 Days of Holiday Cheer Twitter Giveaway Winners

MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB Lottery Game Second-Chance Drawing Winners

SHOOT AND SCORE! Hoops and Hockey Ticket Giveaway Winners

Monster Money Second-Chance Drawings Winners

Fall Football Ticket Giveaway Winners

CASH 5 Cash Vault Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Muscle Car Money® Second-Chance Drawings Winners

Summer Frenzy Second-Chance Drawings Winners

Monopoly Jackpot Second-Chance "Collect and Win" Game

St. Patrick's Day Payout Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Powerball/Pro Football Hall of Fame Trip Winners

$100,000 Jolly Jackpot Second-Chance Drawing Grand Prize Winner

2014 Baseball and INDYCAR Ticket Giveaway

2014 Spring Sports Ticket and Cash 5 Giveaway


$100,000 Jolly Jackpot Second-Chance Drawing Early Bird Winners

Halloween '13 Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Wheel Of Fortune® Second-Chance Drawing Winners

St. Patrick's Day Payout Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Price Is Right® Second-Chance Drawing Winners

Jolly Jackpot Second-Chance Drawing Grand Prize Winner

2013 Fall Sports Ticket Giveaway

2013 Twitter Giveaway Winners

2013 Baseball Ticket Giveaway


Jolly Jackpot Early Bird Second Chance Drawing Winners

Price Is Right Second Chance Drawing Winners

Lucky 13 Second Chance Drawing Winners

Harley-Davidson® Second Chance Drawing Winners

Black Tie Event Second Chance Drawing Winners

O' Lucky Day Drawing Winners

2012 Baseball Ticket Giveaway


2011 Eagles Fantastic Fan Giveaway

2011 Steelers Fantastic Fan Giveaway

2011 Baseball Ticket Giveaway

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Pennsylvania Lottery - Second Chance Winners (2024)


How does the PA lottery pick second chance winners? ›

The odds of winning in the Drawing depend upon the number of entries received for the Drawing. A computer-generated randomizer will be used to select the Drawing winners.

How do you know if you won the 2nd chance Lottery? ›

Once registered, you can submit your non-winning scratch-off tickets or lottery numbers for a second chance to win. Notification: If you win in the 2nd Chance draw, the California Lottery will notify you via the contact information you provided when you registered your account.

How long does it take to get Lottery winnings in PA? ›

Claiming your prize in Pennsylvania

According to the PA Lottery website, it typically takes about four to six weeks to receive your winnings. It's important to note that lottery winners in Pennsylvania cannot remain anonymous. The website states this is to let people know that the winners are real people.

Can I be anonymous if I win the Lottery in Pennsylvania? ›

No. Pennsylvania Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. However, only certain claimant information can be released. This assures the public that Lottery winners are real people and that the Lottery operates with integrity and transparency.

How does a 2nd chance draw work? ›

2nd Chance draws take place every week after the entry deadline at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday. Entries submitted after 11:59 p.m. will be entered into the following week's draw. Submit up to 500 codes each month. Each code is a draw entry that's automatically placed into all applicable draws at least once.

How to scan second chance pa lottery tickets? ›

  1. After logging into VIP Players Club, go to the Second Chance Promotion Ticket Entry Screen.
  2. Before scanning, be sure the black barcode pattern is completely visible and all scratchable ticket covering is removed.
  3. Select the SCAN button and point your mobile camera on the ticket barcode.

How much tax do you pay on a $5000 winning lottery ticket in Pennsylvania? ›

Are lottery winnings taxed in Pennsylvania? Yes, lottery winnings are taxable under state and federal law. In Pennsylvania, all lottery winnings are subject to the commonwealth's 3.07% state personal income tax, plus an additional 24% through federal taxes.

Does PA iLottery notify you if you win? ›

A: All prize winners will be notified directly by the Pennsylvania Lottery via email. Drawing winners will also be posted at as soon as they are available, as well as on the Winners page of this website.

How fast do you get your money if you win the lottery? ›

If you chose to pick up your first Lottery payment from a California Lottery District Office, your first Lottery prize payment will be available for pickup within six to eight weeks of your claim. Future payments can be mailed directly to your home address or to your financial institution for deposit into your account.

Do seniors pay taxes on lottery winnings in PA? ›

Residents. Pennsylvania taxes resident individuals, estates or trusts on all gambling and lottery winnings from every source, except noncash winnings of the Pennsylvania Lottery, regardless of where the wager is placed.

Should I put lottery winnings in a trust? ›

If you want to leave some of that money to your survivors, you need to reconsider your estate planning. The best protection for your winnings is a living trust. Not only are trusts a great way to secure your winnings over time, but they can also help avoid the cost and time of probate for your family and beneficiaries.

Can a trust accept lottery winnings in Pennsylvania? ›

Background: Pennsylvania Lottery currently releases the first name and first initial of its winning ticket holders along with winner's municipality and county of residence. However, the law also allows individuals who create a trust to remain anonymous.

How do I enter the second chance prize zone of the PA lottery? ›

How do I enter for second chances?
  1. You can also scan-to-enter using the Pennsylvania Lottery's official mobile app.
  2. To submit entries, you must be enrolled in our VIP Players Club. ...
  3. Keep track of entry deadlines. ...
  4. Remember: second-chance drawings are limited-time promotions.
Dec 30, 2014

How much do you win on Pick 2 PA lottery? ›

1 more row

How does PA lottery double play work? ›

Double Play gives players a chance to win a new set of prizes using the SAME numbers selected for their Powerball play(s). Double Play has a separate drawing, which takes place after the official Powerball drawing. The Double Play drawing will use the same number sets as the Powerball drawing.


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